Payment & Insurance Info

SHORE for WOMEN is a private obstetrics and ultrasound practice. We charge professional fees for consultations and specialist ultrasound scans.

We appreciate accounts being settled on the day of service. We accept EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard payments for your convenience.

Medicare Rebate

Medicare-eligible patients can expect a percentage rebate for private medical expenses, provided a valid GP referral has been obtained. The exact rebate for each service is set by the government and is called the MBS fee ( In general, the government will reimburse a patient for 85% of the listed MBS fee for each out-of-hospital service. More complex ultrasound scans and surgeries attract a higher rebate. We offer automatic Medicare rebates processed online at the time of your consultation, which allows the rebate to be deposited electronically into your nominated account.

Medicare Safety Net

The Medicare safety net (MSN) exists to help patients with out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital medical services. It does not apply to fees for medical services during hospital stays. Commencing 1st January 2016, this system is undergoing significant change and the existing MSN and extended MSN are being replaced with a single Safety Net.

From January 2016, once a threshold for out-of-pocket costs has been reached, Medicare will rebate 80% of out-of-pocket costs for out-patient medical services for the remainder of the year (to a maximum of 150% of the MBS fee). The relevant thresholds are $400 for singles and $1000 for couples and families.

Private Health Insurance

In Australia, private Health Funds do not contribute to out-of-hospital medical expenses. For expenses incurred during a hospital stay, Medicare-eligible patients receive a 75% rebate and your Health Fund refunds an additional amount. The precise Health Fund rebate depends on the service and your individual health coverage and you should discuss this with your private health insurer.

Women attending SHORE for WOMEN for antenatal care will have their labour and delivery fee billed directly to their private Health Fund, which minimises the out-of-pocket cost. If you do not have private health insurance, please contact us for an estimate of costs.

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