Growth & Wellbeing Scans

Do I need a growth and wellbeing scan?

Traditionally, women with uncomplicated pregnancies are not offered any further ultrasound scans following the 18-20 week fetal anatomy scan. However, given the proven benefits of ultrasound over clinical examination, at SHORE FOR WOMEN we recommend that all women should have at least one 3rd trimester fetal growth and wellbeing scan. Indeed, in many cases, more than one 3rd trimester scan may be warranted.

What is measured during a fetal growth and wellbeing scan?

The main aim of the 3rd trimester ultrasound is to measure the fetal size and ensure the baby is growing normally. In addition, the placenta and amniotic fluid volume are examined and fetal movements are observed to ensure wellbeing. Usually, the baby’s gender can again be visualised at this scan although some babies are shyer than others!

What is a fetal Doppler scan?

Doppler ultrasound measures the blood flow in various blood vessels. In modern fetal medicine, a growth and wellbeing scan is usually combined with fetal Doppler studies, which may detect a problem before changes become apparent in the baby’s size. Dr. Colin Walsh is highly experienced in advanced fetal Doppler ultrasound and has performed Doppler studies in thousands of high-risk pregnancies.

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