Fetal Abnormalities

Every parent hopes their baby will be perfect. Unfortunately, in approximately 5% of pregnancies, a fetal problem is detected. Many of these problems are very minor, however more serious conditions may also be identified. Types of fetal abnormalities include:

  • Fetal structural problems
  • Fetal chromosomal or genetic problems
  • Fetal growth problems
  • Fetal abnormalities secondary to maternal viral infection

Structural fetal problems can affect any system from head-to-toe. They are usually first detected at the 18-20 week fetal anatomy scan-indeed this is the main purpose of this scan. Fetal chromosomal problems are usually detected earlier in a pregnancy, following a screening test (commonly the nuchal translucency or NIPT test). Fetal growth problems (where the baby is too small or too big) are generally only diagnosed in the 3rd trimester.

Dr. Colin Walsh is an expert in fetal abnormalities and can discuss with you in detail the implications of any abnormal findings for you and your baby.

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