Diabetes in Pregnancy

How common is diabetes in pregnancy?

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Diabetes is very common in pregnancy, affecting approximately 10-15% of pregnancies. Women may either have a known diagnosis of diabetes prior to pregnancy (Type I or Type II diabetes) or they may develop diabetes for the first time during pregnancy (gestational diabetes).

What effect will diabetes have on my pregnancy?

The pregnancy risk with diabetes depends on the sugar control and how long-standing the disease has been. Pre-pregnancy diabetics, who have been using insulin for many years, have the highest risk of complications, such as miscarriage, fetal anomalies, fetal growth problems and problems during labour and delivery. Being pregnant tends to increase your blood sugar and pregnancy can be a very difficult time for diabetic women to keep their blood sugar well controlled. Women with diabetes need a lot of support during pregnancy and often, extra consultations with a dietician and an endocrinologist will be recommended.

Have you treated cases like mine before?

Yes, we have treated more than 1,000 women with diabetes in pregnancy. Dr. Colin Walsh has recently published a book chapter in a leading international textbook on gestational diabetes.

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