Cervical Length Scan

In New South Wales, 5-10% of all babies are born preterm (before 37 weeks). Measuring the length of the cervix on ultrasound scan can help to determine a woman’s individual risk of preterm (premature) delivery. Dr. Colin Walsh is fully accredited by the Fetal Medicine Foundation (London, UK) to perform cervical length scans.

At SHORE for WOMEN, we offer women a cervical length scan at the time of the 18-20 week fetal anatomy scan. It may be possible to measure the length of the cervix abdominally but, if the cervix is short or difficult to see, a transvaginal (internal) scan is recommended. Most women only require the cervix to be measured once during the pregnancy, unless they develop preterm contractions.

Women at higher risk for preterm delivery (including those with a previous early delivery or multiple cervical surgeries) may benefit from an enhanced cervical length surveillance programme, every 2-3 weeks from 16-24 weeks gestation. We can discuss the best individual regime to suit your history.

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