External Cephalic Version for Breech Babies (ECV)

External Cephalic Version for Breech Babies (ECV)

About 1-in-30 babies are breech presentation at 37 weeks (this means that the baby is lying backwards in the womb – the feet or bottom are over the cervix rather than the head). In modern obstetrics, virtually all full-term breech babies are delivered by caesarean section as it has been shown to be safer than vaginal breech delivery.

The best option for women with a breech baby, who are keen to avoid a caesarean, is an ECV. The obstetrician uses his hands to press on the woman’s abdomen and try to encourage the baby to turn into a head first position. It is performed at 37 weeks, under ultrasound guidance, in the labour ward of your chosen hospital.

Dr. Colin Walsh is one of the few obstetricians on the North Shore who offers an ECV clinic. He is very experienced in turning breech babies, with good success and very low complication rates.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has recently published an updated guideline on ECV.

If you wish to make an appointment to see Dr. Colin Walsh for an early pregnancy scan, please call us on 1300 460 111 or email bookings@shoreforwomen.com.au.


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