• Are IVF pregnancies considered “high-risk”?

    This week’s revelation that a 62 year old Australian woman has given birth following an IVF conception has generated heated debate on both sides ( Many experts believe that 62 years old is too old to have a baby and that the overseas fertility clinic acted irresponsibility. Others support the couple’s choice to have a […]

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  • Non Invasive Prenatal testing where does it fit in Dr Colin Walsh

    Non Invasive Prenatal testing where does it fit in Dr Colin Walsh

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  • Protecting Your Baby From Whooping Cough

    Do I need a whooping cough vaccine? The NSW Health Department recently changed its guidelines and now recommends that all pregnant women be vaccinated against whooping cough in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. But did you realise that the vaccination doesn’t just protect you, it protects your baby too? Unfortunately, newborns can’t receive their first […]

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  • Depression in Pregnancy

    Although pregnancy is usually a happy time, did you know that as many as 1-in-10 pregnant women experience depression? Most people are familiar with “postnatal” depression but many do not appreciate the risk of “prenatal” depression. In most cases, the symptoms are not recognised and therefore not treated. The risk is especially high in women […]

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  • What is the best position for sleeping while I am pregnant?

    Very commonly, our pregnant patients ask us about the best position for sleeping. The growing baby bump, the increasing heartburn, the back and pelvic discomfort and the constant need to run to the toilet can all stop pregnant women getting a good night’s sleep! Pregnant women may also hear people say they shouldn’t sleep on […]

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