• I’m worried that I don’t feel pregnant…

    We frequently look after women who worry that they do not “feel pregnant enough” in the first 3 months. Their sister or friend may have had a much harder time in early pregnancy and women are concerned that their own lack of symptoms means there must a problem. Usually this is not the case. We […]

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  • What is Parvovirus Infection in Pregnancy?

    Parvovirus B19 is a viral infection that most commonly affects young children. It produces a very characteristic red rash on the child’s cheeks, which appears as if the face has been slapped (hence the name “slapped cheek” syndrome). In addition to young children, some pregnant women are vulnerable to catching parvovirus. Approximately 90% of adults […]

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  • Dr Colin Walsh publishes paper on twin pregnancy

    Dr. Colin Walsh has published a paper in this month’s prestigious Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine ( The paper presents the case of a monochorionic (identical) twin pregnancy, which was complicated by TAPS (Twin Anaemia-Polycythaemia Syndrome) – a rare form of twin-twin transfusion syndrome. TAPS has only recently been discovered and is one of […]

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  • Will my inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affect my pregnancy?

    Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis (together known as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD) are very common in young women, affecting almost 1-in-200 pregnancies. Recently, at SHORE for Women, we’ve been caring for a number of pregnancies complicated by IBD, so we thought this was a good opportunity to highlight some of the issues IBD patients […]

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  • Pregnancy Advice for Women with Epilepsy

    Epilepsy is one of the commonest medical problems seen in pregnancy, affecting almost 1-in-200 women. Although epilepsy itself does not increase pregnancy complications, being pregnant can often influence a woman’s seizure control. The risk of SUDEP (sudden unexplained death) is also increased, making pregnancy a high risk time in the life of an epileptic woman. […]

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