Antenatal Care

Antenatal Consultations

Different stages of a pregnancy bring with them different challenges, hopes and concerns. The team at SHORE FOR WOMEN are highly experienced and we will provide you with all the support you need during your pregnancy.

  • The 1st trimester refers to approximately the first 1/3 of your pregnancy and lasts until 14 weeks. The 1st trimester is a critical time during which your baby grows from a single fertilised egg into a fully formed little person! Couples may choose to have prenatal screening towards the end of the 1st trimester (11-14 weeks).
  • The 2nd trimester – The middle part of the pregnancy is usually a very happy time. Women have passed the nervous initial 3 months and are beginning to have friends recognise their growing bump! It is during this time that you will first notice your baby kicking. At SHORE FOR WOMEN, we recommend antenatal visits every 4 weeks during the 2nd trimester, including the 18-20 week fetal anatomy scan.
  • The 3rd trimester lasts from 28 weeks until your baby arrives. As your baby grows and matures during these weeks, you may begin to experience Braxton-Hicks uterine contractions. More frequent antenatal visits are needed in these final weeks, so that a closer eye is kept on the baby’s movements and the mother’s blood pressure. We recommend antenatal visits every 2 weeks until 36-38 weeks and weekly thereafter.

What Tests Should I Expect?

  • At booking – blood tests for anaemia, blood group, HIV and hepatitis, viral infections (parvovirus, chickenpox, rubella and syphilis) and a urine test for infection
  • At 26-28 weeks – a 2-hour glucose test for gestational diabetes, a repeat test for anaemia and a blood group for antibodies
  • At 36 weeks – a vaginal swab (self-taken) for Group B streptococcal infection

In addition, we recommend regular ultrasound scans – a dating scan, a fetal anatomy scan at 18-20 weeks and at least one 3rd trimester growth scan as a minimum.

Common Discomforts in Later Pregnancy

Many women are unprepared for some of the symptoms associated with later pregnancy. Most pregnant women will experience backache, reflux, tiredness, urinary frequency, leg swelling and mood changes during the 3rd trimester. In addition, bothersome symptoms, such as haemorrhoids, constipation, vaginal discharge, incontinence, tingling hands (carpal tunnel syndrome) and varicose veins are very common.

Don’t suffer in silence – we are happy to discuss these symptoms with you; there may be a treatment to help you, even if it is simple reassurance.

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