Am I high risk?

High-risk describes pregnancies where extra risk factors for complications exist. The term high-risk is slightly misleading, as most women in this category will have very straightforward pregnancies and deliveries. Nonetheless, identifying any risk factors allows your obstetrician to help you make an individualised management plan for your antenatal care, labour and delivery.

At SHORE FOR WOMEN we specialise in high-risk obstetrics. In addition to 10 years specialist training in general obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr. Colin Walsh also completed a 2-year sub-speciality fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine (high-risk pregnancy).

We are happy to care for all women in pregnancy, both uncomplicated and high-risk cases. We have particular expertise in caring for (please click on each condition for further information):

We also offer pre-pregnancy consultations, so that high-risk couples can meet with our Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist prior to conception, allowing an early antenatal management plan to be formulated and ensuring the optimum start to any pregnancy.

Dr. Colin Walsh is currently a Staff Specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital, where he performs and interprets fetal ultrasound and undertakes amniocentesis and CVS testing. While working overseas, Dr. Walsh helped to run specialist ultrasound clinics dedicated to complex twin pregnancies, fetal cardiac disease, fetal neurological disease and pregnancies complicated by red cell antibodies. He is an expert in obstetric ultrasound and has personally performed more than 3,500 ultrasound scans in high-risk pregnancies.

SHORE FOR WOMEN not only provides the full range of pregnancy ultrasound scans and prenatal screening tests but offers couples a convenient option for having all their antenatal care and ultrasound scans in the same practice. Unlike many other practices, all our ultrasound scans are performed exclusively by Dr. Walsh. This offers the reassurance of having your scan performed by a Fetal Medicine specialist and ensures the results are discussed with you immediately after the ultrasound is completed.

SHORE FOR WOMEN offers the full range of obstetric ultrasound options, whether your pregnancy is high-risk or uncomplicated (please click on each scan for further information):

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